Decorating with Color-A Summary of Color Psychology Posts

I put together this post to provide you with an organized resource for decorating your home with color. Click on each mood board to be redirected to the original post where you will find inspirational examples of harmonious color schemes. (BTW,  I created each mood board at olioboard. Check out the rest of my creations under “my design style” in the sidebar).

Hue : Red

Color Psychology: Warm. Inviting. Boosts confidence. Improves concentration and memory. Stimulates the appetite. Too much of it can trigger aggression.

Room Suggestions: Dining Room, Living Room, Family Room

Hue: Orange

Color Psychology: Energetic. Optimistic. Stimulates the appetite. Encourages conversation.

Room Suggestion:  Living Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Study, Kitchen

Hue: Yellow

Color Psychology:  Optimistic. Warm. Happy. Stimulates the mind. Improves Memory. Encourages creativity. Too much of it can cause anxiety

Room Suggestion:  Kitchen, Hallway, Bathroom, Study, Basement, Mudroom, Bedroom, Family room, Living room, Dining room.

Hue: Green

Color Psychology: Relaxing. Reduces stress and anxiety.Improves concentration.Induces positive attitude.

Room Suggestion: Study, Bathroom, Bedroom

Decorating with Green

Hue: Blue

Color Psychology:  Calming. Aids in communication and concentration. Encourages creativity. suppresses the appetite.

Room Suggestion:  Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Family Room, Study.

Hue: Violet

Color Psychology: Encourages meditation. Stimulates empathy and compassion. Inspires creativity. Boosts confidence.

Room Suggestion:  Dining room, Living room, Bedroom, Study, Entry Hall, Bathroom

Hue: Pink

Color Psychology: Soothing. Warm. Caring. Happy.

Room Suggestion: Bedroom, Entry hall, Bathroom

Hue: Brown

Color Psychology: Warm. Inviting. Comfortable. Inspires order and organization.

Room Suggestion:  All rooms

Hue: Grey

Color Psychology:  Calming, Conservative, Sophisticated, Serious, Depressing

Room Suggestion: All rooms

Hue: Black

Color Psychology: Modern. Formal. Sophisticated. Powerful. Dramatic. Cold. Depressing.

Room Suggestion: Use to highlight other colors in all rooms.

Hue: White

Color Psychology:  Brings comfort. Reflects simplicity. Sophisticated. Encourages organization

Room Suggestion: All rooms

I  believe that by understanding the psychological effect of colors and how they coordinate together, it is easier to use them to create a comfortable home. 

I don’t claim to be a color expert (Yet!) but I like to think that I have an understanding of  the basics. In the end, this is what I have shared with you….. the basics.

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